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Cultivated Reef

Rainfords Goby


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Gobies, Blennies, & Dragonettes

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Amazing fish! Filters my sand, and also eats frozen food! Personality is quite unique, but his colors are unbelievable!!!

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Cool little fish. My Wife absolutley loves them. I tried one and my clowns would not let him move without being attacked so i ended up taking him back. We are hoping to be able to get one in our new tank. Have you had any problems with him getting in the filters.

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We had one of these guys who refused to eat and eventually starved :( I've heard they only eat pods?

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I had him in my 10 gallon for 6 months with a bi color blenny, and he wasnt too shy (but he definitly hung in the back of the aquarium alot). Also, in the 10 gallon he merely filtered the substrate to eat, and wouldnt even touch frozen food. When I upgraded to a 20L, i got rid of my blenny because he was eating my SPS corals, so I replaced them with two clowns. The Rainfords goby and the two clowns get along very well, and they almost seem to enjoy each others company. The goby has become more confident with every day taht the clowns are in there with him, as they swim around out in the open as opposed to the blenny who was constantly hiding.


I have heard they only eat pods, but ever since I put mine into the 20L, he has been eating frozen food like crazy (even competeing with the crazy clowns!) I do still see him sifting substrate through his gills every once in a while, but my pod population seems to grow continuously, so i dont know if he's actually eating those or not. Enjoy your new fish Brian da Lion


Oh, and no problems whatsoever of him getting into the filters... hes a pretty smart fish, and can be very quick if need be

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