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My 55 gallon full



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Very, very nice. Based on the FTSs posted in your gallery you really have a talent at aquascaping. This is the best 25-100G tank that I've seen so far. Do you have a tank thread?

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Dude nice. Giving me ideas for my upcoming 55g. What lighting are you running over your tank?

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Hey what lighting are you useing and around how much do you pay for electric to run a tank that size?

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Sorry I haven't visited this thread in so long! Thanks for all of the compliments! It's only running 4x65W PC (2x10K, 2xactinic). I'll post some updated pics when I have time but I have had great growth even with the montipora.


electric bill isnt too bad. Nothing excessive, just a HOB skimmer, 2 aquaclear filters as refugiums (w/ chaeto and some rubble rocks), 2 powerheads and the PC lights.


Here's my thread:



Pictures on that thread are a bit clearer. Let me know what you think!

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