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sarco roseum (all po'd from the move)



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that is freaking amazing tiny. i love sarcos! is this the favorite species you posted about earlier?

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thanks, trav! no, that was a boletiforme. this one's interesting looking as it takes a vase-shape upon maturity, it doesn't keep the toadstool shape.

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that is awesome. got any pics of boletiforme? google didnt bring anything up. i think an all sarco tank with heavy chem filtration/skimming would be awesome.

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there should be one on that favorite coral thread. there's a couple i think actually. one's really crappy brown though. but a quickie description: it should be a vanilla yellow with a bulbous head (kinda like it's inflated). almost looks like a cotton-type dandelion but solid.

yes, my tank's predominantly softies and recently i've been kicking up the chemical filtration more. due to laziness and setup, in recent years i've lost a couple of prized sarcos. i'm hoping the new setup will really let me run the tank like it needs to be.

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