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12g custom @ 8 mos


8 month old 12 gal nano

1st livestock added Jan. 22 `06

6 blue leg hermit crabs

1 Electric Blue Heremit

2 red leg crabs7 Astrea snails

1 green star polyp colony

1 purple mushroom colony

small red worm (coco?) hitched with shrooms

Orange Zoanthids

HH teal with brow skirt Zoanthids (1 polyp now 30!)

Yellow Zoanthids

3 nassarius snails

Red Open Brain Coral

1 magenta mouth fungia sp.

1 Scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp

Blue Mushroom Colony


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i've noticed that the candy cane coral is missing. do they not do well in reef aquariums? it seems common to see a candy cane coral in the earlier pictures and then gone.

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Im not sure what happened to the candy cane coral. They were doing well in fact 4 of the heads were starting to split. Then one head started to look sickly; not swelling up during the day or eating and quickly degenerated from there. It spread to the other heads and in about a month I had lost them all.

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