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My tank at 4 1/2 years


Here is a couple of pictures of my 10 gallon tank- it's a fairly simple one with softies, mushrooms, and zoos. I have a pair of false percs, a royal gramma (added after 4 years of no problems with 2 clowns), zebra, red-leg, and scarlet hermits, a skunk cleaner, and strombus-type little snails. I just use a HOB filter with no media and 25 lbs (!) of LR for filtration, I try to do water changes but probably change about 1 gallon every 2 weeks. My lights are 2 x 40 watt compact fluorescent Orbit lights. I have never lost anything in 4 1/2 years, save for a blood shrimp that died while moulting in the first few months I had my tank, and an arrow crab that died after we had to spray our house for fleas (darn cat).


I am not a control freak that has to always add things and tweak things- I just kind of keep it simple and enjoy it.


Kudos to Chris for keeping this site going, and for the advice he gave me at the beginning.




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