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Front view of 50 gallon


I wanted more than the nanocube had to offer, so Im not technically a nano-reefer anymore, but hey 50 gallons and a 30 gallon sump still keeps me in the "small" community :)

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how hard was it to set up?? i am considering going 80 gln since my 24 nano is doing so well.

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Thanks Bil2k :) Yeah I havent mastered the photo thing yet :) So the colors arent really true, but close as I could get :)


Rum, I ordered things piece by piece over a few months back around January, I then purchased a kitchen size 3' cab and built what I needed to house the tank and plumbing, then put it together as I had time to work on it. Once I had it up and running I transfered my Nano critters over to the new one. I recently added a Korallin reactor and for auto top-off I have a 25 gallon resevoir in a nearby closet that gravity drips to my sump....So basically I add about 10 gallons RO/DI water a week to the resevoir and feed, this puppy practically runs itself :) I love nano's but I needed something a bit more stable ( I travel quite a bit) and I couldnt b happier with what i came up with. So as far as how hard it was to set up, I'd have to say most of it was trial and error, and not too terribly difficult, however, my pocket book HURTS LIKE HELL!!! I spent more than I had anticipated for a 50g tank, I feel for those guys setting up 200+ gallon set ups....WOW the money pours like water! But hopefully someday I can frag and get some return :)

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