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New Guitar


You guys wont beleive this but when i was driving home from work i saw this in the alley

at first i thought it was a cheap sears guitar

cause it was backwards when i seen it so i thought it was worth looking at and low and behold the headstock said GIBSON iwas like what moron would throw away a GIBSON axe so i rebuilt it keeping everything original it was made in 1980 its a GIBSON SONEX 180 custom and its worth in its condition 1500.00 not a bad find in the alley.


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Seriously cool find. Even better that it was FREE. I picked up a '57 Les Paul Special from an old man in North Carolina for $500. It's worth about 4500-5000 now. It even had the original case. If it plays good, keep it. If it doesn't, use it to bargain for something you like. I used my 57 special and a couple of Fenders to get my 58 flametop. Best trade of my life.

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that was my alley....and i just put it out for a second...so you stole it...you can return it when ever you like

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