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New Canopy-Angled FTS



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thanks brandon! still not perfect (very slight warp) but we'll see how this version goes.

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het tiny, how is there gas exchange in there? is you lifting the top to feed, maintain, etc enough for ample exchange? i love the tank, an awesome experiment.

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thanks, proflat! removing the cover for maintenance is a pita. i really don't feed that often, probably fed the tank 8~10 times since the contest started (6-months).

i don't worry at all about the gas exchange because i use an UGF/air pump for all the water movement. that's why there's more splash on the far end (where the uplift tube is located) than the near side. recently though, i think it's become slightly clogged in the UGF so i get occasional "explosions" of air bubbles randomnly on the far side. kinda cool, kinda randomn flow, but also kinda disruptive to whatever happened to be at the "geyser" site.

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