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what u think?


If u saw something like this for sale,how much do u think it go for.


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Since people tend to associate quality with price, I say sell individually and charge what you want. In the right market, the sky's the limit. In a flea market setting, maybe $10 each. Toss a couple on EBay with the "Rare and Valuable" theme and see what ya get.


Good luck

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wow! lol YOUR name actually refers to you. I never knew this. I really like the clownfish in anenomes. Sell them to seaworld to sell in their souveneer shops! :P

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I love your stuff. I have a son who collects frog art. Do you sell these? How big are they?



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Very sweet...I like the sebae blue tipped anemones....but SNAP!...they are ALL nice....

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