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New Aquascape


I wanted caves and I have some now, hard to show depth in a photo, well for me anyways :) So let me know if I did better or the old way was better haha. I do like this set up, a few more pics following this to show sides, etc.




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Christopher Marks


I definitely like the new way, though it looks like in a few spots it's going to be difficult to clean the glass.

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Thanks guys, was hoping to hear that rather than DUDE YOU F$%^*ED IT UP! J/K! But yeah I do have one spot that is a PITA to clean, where the pipe organ is...but the snails do a pretty good job, I can scrape with a kent extended blade thingy, but have to take the fixtures off to get just right to the one spot, other than that I can get to all other areas.

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i like it this way too. more natural/realistic imo. :thumbsup: get one of cj's nimbles for those hard to reach spots. i re-aquascaped and just ordered a 2nd one myself.

btw, is that a sponge in the top center? (greyish/web-looking thing between xenia and acro) just curious.

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Hey Tiny, it's a pink millepora, which is what the one closer to the front is, my bud in Dallas fragged them for me, it is just a darker piece is all, very cool stuff though :)


Cesar thanks man, I really appreciate the positive feedback from all you guys :)

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