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My new fire shrimp


My new fire shrimp, very hungry little guy!

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I love those! I think I am going to get one tomorrow. Do they do a good job cleaning? How do they compare to a peppermint shrimp as far as cleaning goes?

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I have a peppermint and a fire shrimp and neither of them do any cleaning!!! The peppermint did at least eat the aiptaisa. I have only had the fire shrimp for about 1 1/2 weeks now. At first he hid, but now he comes out all the time. I got the little guy at my LFS for $34.

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I have a scarlet cleaner and a fire shrimp and they both clean all the time. The cool part is the fire shrimp will clean my fish a lot. It is really cool. I had a royal gramma with a parasite and the fire shrimp cleaned it off him the day I got the shrimp!

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