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Full tank shot as of 1-18-06


Here it is folks. Let me know what you think.


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you got some nice corraline coverage.... :)

what are the tank specs? equip? inhabitants? corals? hehehe :)

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Remora Skimmer


Coralife Aqualight 2x65 1x10000,1xactnic blue, 2 night lights 3/4 watt each.


refugium on the back with a mina aqualight with 6700k bulbs

Inside is calupera, live sand and live rock, and my heater.


2 maxjet 600 powerheads on a wavermaker timer.


40lbs LR, 25lbs LS


2 clownfish


1-Turbo,2-Astrea,5-Nassas,3-Margaritas,3-Bluelegged hermits,4-Scarlet reef hermits.


I just got my first corals a few days ago, 2 frags both are zoos, what kind actually im not sure.

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