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New T5 Actinic Retro


I wanted to add some blue to my tank since the 14k 150 HQI wasnt quite cutting it. I added Current USA's 18" 10w actinic 03's (x3) The little bracket was larger than I thought and well I jimmy-rigged it for now, I'm going to look into something slightly different eventually, but no time now. Anyways the blue it adds to the tank is fricken awesome, the camera really doesnt do my photos justice, but I love it. Plus without the HQI running my zoo's and rics are amazing, and my rose BTA....absolutely beautiful. But this shows a compact clean look even with an open lid. I'm really happy with the addition of the T5's. (just need to get good reflectors...which will be next purchase.

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that looks awsome im thinking about doing all that can you help me out on where you got all taht stuff and what the correct name is?


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Surry Danny, the Halide fixture is Current USA's Sunpod 150w HQI 14k, with 6 LED's, all on their own switches so you can have timers for each, which i do. Then the new T5's are the 18" actinic 03's 10w each they are called Nova's, on teir site they are listed as 9w for the 18", however the bulbs list them as 10w, who knows. Here is Currents web addy:




You can find them at different online shops, however, I had to search a bit to find the brackets and actually can't remember what site it was on, but Marine Depot carries them. You really do not need the brackets, I will likely ditch them next week when I get back in town and make something that will hold them closer together, I'm also looking around for Tek reflectors, as you can see I used aluminum foil for temporary purposes. But they hide nicely behind the Sunpod and the color is amazing for such a small 24g tank. I couldnt be more happier for both aesthetics and output. Let me know how it goes!

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