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Green and Blue Zoas


Here are my favourite green and blue Zoanthids. Does anyone know if there is an official name for this colour type?

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Thanks for the compliment, Stoneleven (BTW, your tank looks awesome). I got them at the LFS is London, Ontario, Canada - the stores name is "Strictly Salt" and they are a big reason that I got into the hobby. They have great stuff in stock - a giant coral tank and are really helpful. If this store was not in my town, I would likely have not started up this hobby. I am the type of guy that needs to be able to go someplace and see this stuff in person before I buy.

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Thanks ! I have to see if those guys ship haha, and I have always been the type to see before I buy, but I went out on a limb and so far have made several excellent purchases and made a few friends, while I did make a few bad purchases and they lost a good customer, oh well....you live and learn I suppose. Welcome to the hobby though, I was keeping reefs way back in my high school days, well 20 years ago is way back to me :)...anyways, I have never lost the passion for the hobby, just lost the hobby at times, but I'm back full fledge now and I hope if brings you the same excitement and fun that ist has for me over the years. But to be honest this is the first real "reef" tank i have ever had, 15 years ago, heck even 10 years ago you had to be a millionaire to pull off these types of tanks! I love technology!

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Thanks for the warm welcome Stoneleven and for sharing the history of your hobby. I did FW with my Dad when I was a kid but when I became a teenager, I got into other things. The SW interest was there way back too but I could not convince my dad to spend the money on it at the time. Now I am hooked on this and I can definitely see some more tanks in my future when I can afford it. As far as the LFS I buy from, I hate to disappoint you, but they don't ship or do any online business.

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Awwww, bummer, well I will find me some blues, they are rockin'. Will be looking forward to your future pics :)

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