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This was purchased as a Dendra, which I'm guessing would be Dendraphilia (spelling?) Anyways is ther a better trade name for these, was trying to google this guy and cant really find anything on him. Any help would be appeciated.

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Most people I know refer to them as Dendro or dendrophylia. It is a beautiful addition to your tank and it looks like a baby is sprouting out below the main head. I would attach it to a piece of LR rubble if you get the chance although the choice is up to you (some people keep the in the sand bed). Anyway, they are wonderful corals and I'm sure you'll love it!

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Thanks Eco, I had the spelling wrong lol! He is attached to a small rock which I buried in the sand, LFS guy told me they do not require intense lighting so he is slightly under a rock canopy, and he does have 2 small sprouts coming out, one is up on his side in the back side of this photo, will they eventually move off of the main base?

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I think they are like sun corals and don't need light at all. They will support it but don't need it. However, you'll need to feed it regularly. I don't own a dendro, but I feed my suncoral 3-4 times a week with cyclop-eeze flakes, all they can eat in about 20-30 minutes.

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He has taken small chunks of krill(thawed in tank water) readily, Would that be ok? And how often should I feed them? Daily?

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