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Bristleworm-eating coral?


I wondered why my little hitchhiker LPS coral was retracted and i noticed a bristleworm sticking out of it! At first I thought it was a case of bristleworm eating my coral but it seems to have been the other way round!


Im still trying to work out what this LPS is if anyone knows.. theres a better pic in my pics folder - plate coral is what ive been told it may be but its growing attached to a piece of living rock... any ideas?


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Oh, and now I've seen this pic! I really love all your shots--such good pictures--and of course I'm especially interested in this one.



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Staring at this guy again, and you know what? When I enlarge it what looks like a bristle worm also looks a lot like just the mouth structure of these corals, as in one of the eating pictures I posted...what do you think? (Could be just my eyes!)At any rate, it's definitely eating.

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Hello Diane -


I fed this fella today and i see what you mean - Before this pic was taken [had to run get the camera!] - there was about an inch of bristleworm sticking out, and I wasnt sure who was doing what, and was relieved when just the bristleworm disappeared :)

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