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Power compact 85 watt 4 tube 2 super daylight 2 actenic


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LOL..ii like the 6g. but what is up with the other tank..im not going to say much about the tang since i dont really think its a big deal while others will flame you for having it... (unless that is a 50g. or something)...i have a few questions...why is their Driftwood in your tank??? also isnt that Puffer Brakish water?? did u aclimate him to SW??? i thought puffers werent reef safe...anyway i like the 6g. even though that is a plastic plant...it looks kinda cool

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yea the puffer was brackish i just got a big tub and some airline tubing with one of those regulator valves and set a salt water drip into his brackish water and in about 5-6 hours you too can make a brackish fish salt. and if i didnt have that fake plant in there there wouldnt be any color im going to take it out as soon as i get some coral in it. and i like driftwood i think it looks cool



Thanks for the comments

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