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I know they are super sensitive to just about any change, they will not be going in my tnak with the halides cause they bleach too damn easy so it's sitting in a QT tank now and will go over to my 40 with VHOs. I hope it stays because the coloration is awesome! I need to take a picture with my 20d so you guys can check it out in real color! LOL

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They have a bunch of yumas just like that one at coral oasis...They had pretty good prices on them too...I think it was $120 for 2-3 polyps. I like them but they are way too sensitive for me, even more so than SPS...Just make sure you put it in low light and low flow...

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Damn I really need to check out CO - sounds like this place has some good stock!


It's sitting in my OG NC right now I probably should mvoe it since it's sitting right underneath the flow. YIKES!

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