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added a small clam

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Cool aquascaping - its looks just like a reef wall, will look great when its grown in - Did you use an epoxy to cement all those pieces together?

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hi danny,

I have the same nanocube24 as yours. Im new to reefing and need advise. My tank does'nt come with a chiller or skimmer. I guess there are bild in fan and lighting in your tank too right? Just wandering if you use tap water to top up if your water level drop. any tips?

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I do put tap water in if water goes down a little bit but i have a bucket of saltwater for water changes and everything the tank comes with the lights and fans and also leds but not a chiller.

hope this helps

i also have a aquapod tho which is like the same thing only upgraded from this one so its alot better and the back has a cool desine i will post pic in like a couple days to show u

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