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My 24 Gallon Nanocube


Here is a pic of my 24 gallon nanocube. I have it going for about 10 months. So far so good.


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The biggest tip I would say is to do regular water changes. I change 5 gallons of water in the tank every 7-10 days(no longer than 10. I also use premixed boxed water that I buy at Petco (10.99). It is worth every penny. I am convinced that is what keeps everything healthy. The brand of water I buy is "Real Ocean Water". I also have only 4 fish (2 perc clowns, yellow wrasse, and purple firefish) Not overloading with too many fish helps also. Good luck with your Nanocube (I love mine) I have a 12g as well and I am getting another 24g at Christmas.

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