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Clowns in my 24 gallon nanocube


Here is a picture of my 2 percula clowns wallowing in their green bubble tip anenome. I have had these guys since August and they are all doing very well.


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Awesome pic!

I have two clowns in a 20g and would like to get an anennome at some point. Only been doing this about 2months but was wondering what kind of care your buble tip anenome needs and how big it has grown.

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Thanks! I do nothing special for the bubble tip. The clowns carry food into it when they eat and that seems to be plenty. I have an orange bubble tip that actually split and is doing great in a 12g nanocube tank. They will expand and contract depending on conditions. Sometimes it will be 4-6 inches across and other times it will get very small. The scary part is when they shrivel up to excrete wastes. They look dead but they are not. They will fill up again in an hour or two but it really scared me the first time they did it. Good luck anenomes and clowns are really neat to watch.

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