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What is this? It looks kind of like a centipede and has a green hugh and segmented body. I think it is about 2 inches long but it has never come out of its hole all the way. Definitly not a peanut worm and it dosent look like any bristleworm I have seen. Kind of interesting, thought I would share.


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a better picture would be helpful, but I'm about 90% sure it's a eunice worm - they can get quite large (reefcentral has an account of one almost 8 feet (yes, feet) long. At that size they can cause considerable damage - best bet would be to soak the rock in freshwater for a bit until it comes out.


search for "eunice" and see if that will help you ID it


Nice set-up BTW

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Those worms are really really bad there is a guy on reef central that lost $800 in corals from one of these guys

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Thanks guys. It is in my sump in the first chamber. I dont really know how it could get into the main tank, but Ill keep an eye on it.

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just checked out pics. definatly a eunice worm. I guess I could dig the rock out and get rid of it. It is just a piece of rubble. Thanks again.

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