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Hand spa?

I thought i read somewhere about a problem with outside light and algae blooms.

How is there exygen exchange with a sealed cover?

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the bubbler is the only water mover in the tank. it's a variation of the Lee Chin Eng's reefing method (1950's~1960's). it's hardly practiced anymore (to my knowledge) but it's something i've wanted to try for years. it's pretty much anti-hardware so not really popular with the gadget generations, i guess.

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traditionally, sunlight is avoided. but there are some setups that use it exclusively and others that employ it in a greenhouse setting for economic reasons (e.g. Tropicorium and Seacrop). but my entry in the current pico contest is to explore that method with some variations (smaller).

the cover also isn't completely sealed. i'd actually prefer it to be (like brandon429's pico tanks). it would further limit evaporation. the O2 exchange occurs with the vigorous bubbling i'm using as the water movement.


thanks for the comments. (separated the replies as the gallery posting doesn't seem to accept paragraphs for easier reading)

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The only issue w/ the bubbles is having your tank turn into a skimmer... Using the surface as a skimmate collector. :\ idk. If it ends up working, cool. :P

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kogut, that is a possible issue. i began to see some buildup yesterday but it has since dissipated. in addition, i did a waterchange (17 oz.) today so i think (hope) the skimmate doesn't return. :P

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