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    • Saw a tidal gardens video on these guys and he mentioned that. I saw the same kind of thing with high end reptiles. The first few breeders/propagators make a fortune selling weird morphs of normal animals.
    • Awesome. I recently read somewhere that a guy was able to start financing his entire reef system through fragging one of these bad boys. Make me start to consider it. The one at my LFS is going for over a grand though
    • 100$ unattached frag from a LFS(I shop there a lot and ask about a frag from their mother every time I'm there just got lucky this time that they didn't sell it for mega bucks on the internet as that's were they always disappear to), since March 2nd it's been in my tank.  It came with those two nice bubbles, directly behind them was the cut.  For a while white filaments similar to what you see on upset/eating mushrooms were visible at times, that portion is now fully healed but still doesn't have that awesome purple fringe all the way around on the edge.  It was smaller than a dime when purchased and still deflates to a similar size at night.  If you want one and can get one I highly reccomend it, I find myself staring in its direction all the time.  Its incredible to watch it close up and somehow those bubbles fit inside too haha here is some original purchase pictures
      and a pic of how I got it to attach by drilling a hole for a frag plug to sit into the little plastic specimen cup it came in and surrounded it with a ceramic media to keep it on the plug, I then placed that whole contraption on a single frag rack placed so the rim of the cup was about 1mm from the water surface to reduce chances of it being swept away from flow. This is actually after it attached so the media closest was already removed so it wouldn't also attach to the media but you get the idea 
    • How much was your initial payment,for what size, and how long have you had it if you don't mind me asking?
    • Very classy.  You have good taste.  Respect
    • The process has actually not been that difficult. The fry are really tough.
    • 1st batch and 2day old second batch!

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