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    • Sweeeeet
    • Thanks! The nem is absolutely stunning and brighter and more varied in color than any coral I've ever owned.
      The picture was taken on a Nikon D5600 with a Nikkor 40mm lens. f/6.3, 1/6s, ISO-400. The biggest factor is that it is only 4" from my glass and I waited until my light was at max intensity for the day. It's also in direct light and not being shadowed, so you don't need any special lighting or anything. My processing is done in LR and PS - I pull the RAW file, adjust temperature, exposure, contrast, w/b balance, etc. and then typically add a light dehaze and minor noise reduction to cover up any camera shake and bad metering/glare. After that I pop it into PS, reduce the blue channel by about 30% and add a brightness adjustment by 5-10% to make up for the reduced blue channel to get it as close to what your eye naturally sees.
      I hate the way overly saturated coral pictures look, but I can't do much about this one when the RAW file straight off the camera is already this absurdly saturated:

    • How in the earth did you manage to capture that pic?! The quality is quite surprising even for macro, the colour saturation is amazing! Big thumbs up for you man!
    • That's a real nice one!
    • My favorite are the tentacles that are teal and green with the yellow rings! While it was always really nice, it was either in an underlit pico or sandwiched between RBTAs getting spanked up until a few months ago and really took off in terms of color. Also the first time I got a good DSLR picture of it because of where it was in the old tank. I'll try and get a sharper shot of it with that pumps off.
    • Gorgeous. I keep coming back to it and staring at the colors
    • The colors 😍 
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