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    • It's probably one of my favourite additions, it's a hub of activity
    • You're making me want to get reefcleaner barnacles to see if damsels like to hide in them... Cute little dude.
    • Thank you! I'm hoping to get rid of some of the rock eventually and add more branching SPS.
    • It is a masterpiece @BrandonD32 🙂
    • Thank you all! I can never adjust my phone settings enough to keep it from looking washed out or too bright. The tank has been up for a year and a half or so. It's had a few changes since the initial setup. The coral growth has really taken off within the past three or four months.
      Here is a stock list:
      - Green Pocillipora colony
      - Purple Pocillipora colony
      - Tricolor valida
      - Red Planet Acro
      - Rainbow Monti
      - Spongeodes
      - Small forest fire digi
      - Orange digi colony
      - Blue tip green slimer
      - Rainbow stylo
      - German blue digi
      - Montipota setosa
      - Small GARF Bonsai Acro
      -Tons of purple monti cap
      -Tons of red monti cap
      - Multiple pieces of green monti cap
      - 15 heads of frogspawn
      - 24k Lepto
      - 2 or 3 lava lamp mushrooms
      - Sinularia
      - Purple Death Palys
      - Green Palys
      - Random Zoas and Palys all over the rocks
      - Random mushrooms
      - 2 or 3 small rainbow bubble tip anemones
      - Blue Eye Royal Dottyback
      - Sixline Wrasse
      - Breeding pair of Ocellaris clowns
      - Cleaner Shrimp
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    watermelon zoas 29 gal.
    By ConawayCorals,
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