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The Propagator

The Propagators 100g mixed prop tank.

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Here is a FTS in series of my "baby" a 100g prop/reef tank ( its the only way I can do it and still preserve any detail at all. The shots are prety crappy and the tank its self is full of scratches and over 30 years old LOL! So bear with me :) )













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There is no way in hell I am listing all the different species and sub species in that tank so just look and guess LOL!!


Rough spiecies list:


acropora: 38 frags and colonies


zoanthids: 113 frags and colonies ( eveyr color under the freaking sun)


leathers: 4 ( 3 toadstools and 1 finger leather)


Montipora digitata: 23 frags and colonies (orange and green)


Motipora capricornis: 4 ( one mother colony three frags)


Acans: 8 frags and colonies ( lord's, enchino's and enchinada's)


Gorgonians: 14 frags and colonies( searods, sea blades, ecrusting, and sea whips)


Pagoda cups: 2 ( one large blue, one medium yellow/green)


Pavonas: 1 large mother colony about the size of a foot ball. ( right side tank shot allthe way in the right hand corner.)


Kenya tree: 1 HUGE mother colony (right in front of the above mentioned pavona)


Birds nest: 5 frags and colonies ( pink)


Electric Blue Crocea clam: 1


Porites: 3 small colonies


Hammers: 5 frags and colonies ( green)


Tonga mushrooms: 3 (1 frag and two colonies bulls eye and green hairy)


Yellow polyps: 10 frags and colonies ( parazoanthus)


Candy cane: 3 frags and colonies ( two calaustrea and one trumpet)


Fire coral: 1 colony


Feather duster: one large Hawaiian





250-300 blue legged hermits

100-125 astreas

25 large nassarius vibex

50 large ceriths

200-300 asterina stars ( the good kind)


Fish: two yellowtail damseles, one fijjian BLue devil damsel, One domino damsel. ( all for flat worm and zoanthid eating nudi protection only. I do not feed them, they eat what the system naturaly produces.)


Live rock: roughly 175 lbs - 200 lbs


150lbs or aragonite and crushed coral.




Lighting: 2 x 250w 14k DE HQI Hamilton Halides, and 2 x 96 w 03 actinic PC's.


Skimmer: D&D Marine Terminator II


Wetdry filter: Pro clear aquatics with bioballs removed and replaced with 15lbs of small live rock rubble (THANK YOU AGAIN xxJOSHxx !!)

1475g return pump throttled back and split return.

700 GPH HOB over flow.


4 power heads ( 1 mj 12's, one cap1800, and 2 aqua clear 302's


Heater : 1 350w generic submersible


2 clip on 6" fans.



Salt: I only use oceanic sea salt.




Dechlorinator: Aquaplus


Kent Cora-Accel

Kent Micro-Vert

Kent Concentrated Iodine

Kent Strontium and Molybdenum

Kent essential ellement

B ionic parts 1 and 2

Seachem Reef Plus

Sea Chem Reef Carbonate ( rarely)

Seachem Reef Plus



I try to keep the temp a stable 80 Deg F year round,ands the salenity at 1.025.


Test kits:

El' cheap'o Doc well fish master set, and El' Cheap'O quick dips.


I test for:











I feed my tank:

Dt's Oyster eggs, DT's Live phytoplankton, Cyclo-peez, brine,mysis, and krill.


Lights are on 12 hrs per day. 12pm to 12am ( both actinics and halides are on at the same time with no sunrise or set BS or GAY moon lights that do absolutely NOTHING for your tanks health.)



Now thats all your getting out of me for right now LOL!









I made my own stand, and put togethe rmy own lighting system piece by piece, including a REAL bare bones hood. ( saved over $1000.00 that way in just the lights alone!!)

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has the tank been up and running for 30 years or just been around that long?

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if you ever just even *think* about giving up on it, let me know first, I'll drive, fly, swim to wherever you are and take it off your hands. Night or day, rain, sleet, snow, sun, whatever, I'll come get it. :)

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do you have any small frags of low light SPS,LPS, or softies that would do well shipped priority? i have a coralife 2-18 watt fixure on my 5g (12x8.5x12) not a 5.5


never mind i cant get anything for a month sorry i have ICH. but i was wonderin if you could spare some LR for my 1.7 gallon HEX shipped priority =)

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MAN DUMB LFS! he said you cant get anthing for a month even coral! now im mad! i passed up a great deal on a green and purple yuma today cus he said that! it was only $5 because he put it in the shroom only tank thats $5 per shroom any kind

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THanks fellas !!


Nanoclown this is not a selling thread, or a discussion on ick.

Its a thread to talk about and show of my glass box.


Beat it ! ( Pm me LOL!)





Its been around that long. It started its 1st 15 or so years out with me as a fish only with Live rock. Its been up as a reef for 1.5 years or so.

Just about all of the Live rock,coral, fish, and subtrate came form existing tanks that I combined to make the one.


I got the tank roughly 15 years ago, and it was 20 years old if it ws a day back then LOL! My neighbor was throwing it out because it leaked and I drug it down to my basement and resiliconed it. ( got it seconds before the nieghbors kid was about to take a large rock to it !!! I said "STOOOOOPPPPPPPP !!!!! Dont break it !!! I'll take it !!!" LOL!)

Not one leak since.


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mm prop nice tank!! im might have to find where u live and get sum more frags :)



also at my werk we should be gettin another shipment of LR so ill collect the rubble!

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NEVAH !!!!! EVAH !!!!



I dont allow to many poeple over. I'm wierd like that I guess.



Pick some more stuff out Josh. I'll drive out again just to take another pic of this sign !!!

You know your a redneck when the closest road sign says:




Just messing with ya Josh ! But fellas I swear to god above thats the REAL name of the road right down from his house LOL!






Cool ! I need around 10 more lbs of medium to large pieces of rubble.

EMail me or Pm me.

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ROFL! you actually took a picture!! haha


anyway there's road down the street called wolfe lol an 85yr guy had it named because he was the one that actually built the road back like 1945 into a dirt>gravel>paved


rember i get lr at 4.88lb with tax at Jacks and first of the month i get it at 3.43lb with tax ^_^ hehe plus i can hook up


ya know put less than the scale says... :D

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Hell yes I did. Who would hav eever believd me thier was a road named "PossumPass rd." LOL!!




I didnt hear you say that ,but I like where your going with what I didnt hear you say. :lol:

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Don't mean to get off the subject, but that place looks awesome. I like that country looking life style.



Oh and you have one heck of a set up Propagator.

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that's incredible, what do you do with all the frags?

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Ebay ( Duane867), local sales, forums, sell to a couple local LFS. ;)


Tank dimesnsions are 60"L x 18"Wx 22"T no center brace. The glass is 3/8" thick and the tank weighs in at around 220lbs empty.


THanks Guys !

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Ebay ( Duane867), local sales, forums, sell to a couple local LFS. ;)


Tank dimesnsions are 60"L x 18"Wx 22"T no center brace. The glass is 3/8" thick and the tank weighs in at around 220lbs empty.


THanks Guys !


some damsels eat nudis? i didn't know that...i saw one damsel that was at LEAST 5 inches by 4 inches tall....was SICK...


i would like a closer shot of your sps section! now! (email me ;))

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Yellow tail Fiji damsel will eat zoanthid eating nudis.

Most damsel will eat comensial flat worms too.

The trick is NOT to feed them.

Even my domino eats flat worms and nudis.


I have litteraly seen them pick them off the polyps and the glass.

I think the yellow tails do it naturaly and the domino learned from them.

THe Fiji Blue devil eats'em too.

I found this out completely by accident while I was trying an experiment to find out what fish would eat them.

I borrowed SEVERAL fish from my LFS to test ( they wantted to know too.)


SO far other than the high end wrasses that may eat fish, shrimp or featherduster, the damseles are it.


I left each species in the tank for two week with out feeding them.

Then BAM The flat worm started thinning out, and my zoanthids all perked up again after adding the damsels.


SPS Pics comm'n up !


EZ I dont think I have your email do I? I do suffer from CRS disease though so be warnned !! :lol:

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I'll tease you with these two while I rearange to get better shots and charge the batteries. ( 15 minute charger) OOPS! Gimme' a second or two to upload.




I dont know what specific species this is but I do know its BAD ASS !!! :lol:

By far my favorite acro!

It is SOOOOOOoooooo much brighter yellow in person it isnt funny!

( that white nub thats healing over is where I fragged off a piece for someone here. I cant remember who it went to, to save my life though!! LOL ! I told you EZ CRS baby !!)










This guy is so bright buckskin and baby blue my camera will hardly focus in on it !!

I think its a snowflake stag only witha buckskin base tone.

Again, this is another one that is SOOOooo much brighter in person it would make you cry. I had to screw around wth my camera for ever just to get this crapy shot. ( THANK YOU CANON !!!)

See the tip on the branch closest to the bottom in front? now imagine that color ALL OVER every protruding point on this stag acro!! ( LITTERALY !)



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I'll tease you with these two while I rearange to get better shots and charge the batteries. ( 15 minute charger) OOPS! Gimme' a second or two to upload.





















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BLueberry polyped capricornis.

It has shifted color on me from chocholate brown to tan.

AND I found a frag of green bali acro I had next to it had fallen over on to it last night when I turned the lights on this morning and OUCH a big ass dead spot now :(




Hot Pink Birds Nest




Purple tipped Stag Acropora



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(millepora? Humulis?) Acropora


Same week I bought it.




Two months after I bought it.




Brown with golden polyps Millepora:




True Fire coral Millepora:




Me discovering I am imune to Fire coral Milleporas sting. :lol:




Smurf blue Tortusa Acropora making a GREAT come back after greening out on me.






Not-a-frigg'n-clua Acropra sp. LOL!




SPS Frag rack. I alternate racks so they keep thier color, and every thing recieves plenty of light under neath.




BLue tipped stag acropora frag.




Green Bali acropora frag




Mother colony before I fragged it of the Green Bali Acropora








Top dOwn shot of mother Green Bali acropora



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