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I have a semi good idea. For the third chamber to get more flow out of the pump. Put it as high as you can after the water level is up thanks to the fuge. And cut the line so that it has less head loss. just make a lil stand for it.




awesome thread... very good information in here... thanks

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Great thread, inspired me to post a comment.


I also have a BC 8 and love it. I had the same idea putting some chaetos in, but I put it in the first chamber and I attached a LED light on the inside. Its a little tricky but it fits just under the lid. I do like the idea of scraping the back to get light in.


Here's a few questions: why take the bio balls out, do they not help with filtration or is LR enough and the bioballs become redundant?

Do you dose with any chems? Currently my dKH is at around 7-8 degrees and I was informed that it should be higher, near 10.

Do you find the lighting enough, I have had some of my polpys disappear on me. It could have been my bad, not pre-mixing my salt. (but learned and move on). The lighting seems to be good for the frog spawn...seems to be good for everyone else on this thread.


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