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need advice: coral shipping damage!


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I needed some snails for my 5g office nano and neither of my LFS had what I wanted (theirs are too large). So I order yesterday from Drs Foster & Smith (liveaqaria.com) for the first time.


Since I was paying shipping anyway I figured I would order one coral for my 12g home tank, a medium finger leather coral.


Package arrived 15 mins ago and had a hole it in, box soaking wet.

Upon opening its contents I saw the ice pack and was hoping its condensation was the source of the moisture. Unfortunately this was NOT the case. The snail bags were fine, the medium finger leather's bag had sprung a leak and only had a tiny amount of water in it.




I ship packages to work since I know I will be able to get them versus having them sit on my front porch in the sun all day. I did have several gallons of fresh sea water mixed up here at the office and had no choice but to use as much of the water from the coral bag + what I had mixed to place the coral in.


I called Drs Foster & Smith immediately and explained the situation.

Very nice, very professional, basically said call within 14 days to inform if the coral lives or not.


Now the question: should I be nervous to put this in my tank and risk killing my other tank life (2 fish, 2 shrimp, other corals)?


TIA for any advice as I am not too sure how to proceed :huh:

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depends on how bad the leather looks like, and your filtration.

if the leather still looks like a leather, and you have a means of adding carbon to your filtration go ahead. if your leather looks like its a goner, then scrap it.

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i aree with ez


First of all, thank-you for the quick replies!




Tank: nanocube 12dx


I have been running carbon anyway, a small bag I change once every two weeks in the third chamber with the MaxiJet 900.


Otherwise just have 1/2 of ONE of the sponges (cut one of the three in 1/2) in the top of the first chamber by the surface skimmer, rubble in middle chamber.


This is my first leather, so I am not sure what it is supposed to feel like.

Definitely more like, well, leather compared to light like my polyps and xenia.


I could post a pic if that would help.

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as long as its not sliming excessively, i say it should be fine. it was still wet when you got it correct?


Def NOT sliming at all.

Still wet, but not submerged in water, exposed to air in the bag.

Shocked in shipping.

Shocked just now putting in fresh sea water + tiny bit of shipping water.


Do I even bother to acclimate at home?


Any chance of polluting my tank or would it just slowly die and not release toxins?

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Hi, I have the same problem, one of my coral from liveaquaria had the bag leaked and the coral turned brown, they told me to see if it dies or not. It is definitely still alive, however it has lost its color due to this accident and I am not sure if I can make its original color come back. I am waiting until the 30 day alive guarantee to see if it starts to thrive or not but I would like to ask for a replacement because I am disappointed, the other corals have no problems and color is really great, I don't feel it's fair that their packaging problem I have to babysit this thing back to health.


Yours is probably alive, I don't think corals give alot of toxin when they die, not like a dead fish, but I am not sure about leather coral in particular I read they release a kind of chemical.


You should put it in some fresh mix water ASAP as the bag water it came in is probably quite toxic from the waste and stress in such a small volume.


They put the coral in a small bag then in a black bag then in a water bag, but in my opinion they need to double bag the bag that holds the water.

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Mine is tan right now, in about 5% shipping water (that was left) and rest sea water that was fresh mixed by me.


It is not slimy, and does not smell bad, so I will put it in the tank and hope for the best I guess...


But I agree, disappointed a little.

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if you got it from liveaquaria, why'd u call fosters?


Drs Foster & Smith is the same (affiliated somehow) with liveaquaria dot com.

Go to Foster & Smith and scroll down... -_-


FWIW the coral is fine - In fact after consulting the local reef society and getting some advice I fragged it today...

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