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Pulsing Xenia?Can I keep this?


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I was wondering how difficult it is to keep Pulsing Xenia, Xenia Umbellata.


I saw a breed of pulsing xenia in the store a few days back and fell in love. I searched around online and found a few places that sell small bits of it.


Can Pulsing Xenia be kept in a 12 Gallon Aquapod with regular lighting?

I may just buy it locally to not risk it dying in shipping since I've heard that it can sometimes stop pulsing when stressed and never start again.


Is this easy enough for a newbie to keep happy? Can I even keep it in my 12 Gallon Aquapod?


Any tips appreciated!

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Yes You can keep it. I have a good size one in my 5g and its doing excelent. It has a ton of new branches, and im getting ready to frag it and trade it for some diff frags. And I dont know how much light you have stock but im puttin' 5w per gallon, and the LFS i bought it from had it under 3.5w a gallon.

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Very cool then!! :) Looks like I will be setting out for some of this as soon as my tank is ready and I feel confident enough to keep it.

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grows like a weed!


Some people complain about it growing too fast! Read that it absorbs nitrates/phosphates too.


Needs to be gently acclimated like most things

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Absolutely is can be, even in low light corners of the tank, though not as healthy as in brighter areas of light. Check out the pics of my AP12 in the member aquariums forum, and see how well my xenis is thriving and splitting too! ;) Once it starts growing, it takes off like rabbits, no joke!!

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You will have no problem growing pulsing xenia in your 12 gallon nanocube. Aren't they cool?


Some people complain because they spread quickly. I'm trying to grow them on my back wall. I don't let them touch my rock because once they plant themselves, you cannot remove them.


Good luck and enjoy them!



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