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I am looking for the rare invert


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I am looking to purchase some rare inverts. Please list the site you think has the best inverts and why?




This kind of a vague question. Are you talking reef safe, large agressive, shrimp, crabs, cucumbers, jellies, urchins, starfihs, etc. Narrow it down a little and I'm sure there will be plenty of suggestions.

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I would prefer reef safe however right now I am holding out on purchesing any coral for one of my tanks. Really I am looking for the craziest weirdest inverts on the market. Things like teddy bear crabs.

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Thanks for the help. It looks like a lot of people are getting into this thread. So lets add a little to it!


What is the most interesting invert that you have in your tank (Pics never hurt) and where did you get it?



What is wrong with a basket star fish? I have never seen one before?





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What is wrong with a basket star fish? I have never seen one before?






That guy linked to them up there, just thought I'd chime in.


Their eating habits make them very unsuitable for a reef aquarium.


Edited for stupid-ness. I'm out of it today.

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they are by far the nicest farts in a bag available in the US if not the world. dont be afraid to purchase multiples because the LFS allways needs them.

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The Propagator


On eof these daysI am gonna have my wife snap off a photo of me laughing with my face all read so I can just post it when ever the fart in a bag hooks one !!!



I'm sorry gnesh69 its just an ongoing joke.



Ken at Sealifeflorida.com is one of the most knowledgable and conservation minded Florida collectors you will ever meet.

SUPER nice guy, customer oriented to the hilt, and the best packaging I hav ever seen in my years of reefing.


He has won multiple awrds for conservation and propogation in forida as well.

He collects wild specimens but his methods are awsome!

He helps the colonies he collects from to regenerate so there will always be more from that colony. I dont mean by simply leaving a few to regrow either. He actualy visits the colonies and tends to them!

Hense the awards for conservation and propogation.


I would highly recomend him.


Basket stars are less than ideal because they are SUPER fragile, require PRISTINE water conditions, and horrible shippers.


UHO !!! I think Ken is selling them now? Ok take away half of every thing I just said! ( NOT!)

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