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Fish/Coral/Invert ID resources


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start with common names or approximates. chances are very shortly, you'll come up with something that matches or at least link you to a site that specializes in it, e.g. seaslug forum, zoaid, algae sites, etc.


you can try "google normal" or "google image" ime.

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The Propagator

Remind me never to ask you for directions Tiny! :lol:



Nidu ID's:



sps ID's:



Fish ID's:



Every fish, snail, nudi, and coral on the plantet ID :lol: :


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Thanks Prop, much closer to what I am looking for. But what I really need is something geared toward reef keeping. I need to know things like minimum size tank, lighting requirements, feeding requirments, etc. Do you know of any sites like that?

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The Propagator

Holy crap man! I gave you the holy grail and you want more?



all you need is in the links I gave you. Once you know the scientific name then you go google'n for size and care ect ect....


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Gotcha. Thanks again those ARE great links.


I'm preplanning a tank I'm going to start in a few months and want to get a list of what I want to keep. I'm being extra cautious 'cause I haven't had a tank in 10+ years and, wow, things have changed.

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Once you know the scientific name then you go google'n for size and care ect ect...
you can google for directions now too, prop. :P
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