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my Xanadu - perfect 12g


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Not sure why the images are distorting, but you can click on my signature below for full res pics.


As long as everything lives and I can maintain it, I think I have the perfect, IMHO 12g nano :D


Everyone is very active and eager to entertain onlookers:


- 1 ocellars clown (1")

- 1 bi color blenny (1.5")

- 1 skunk cleaner shrimp

- 1 fire cleaner shrimp

- cleanup crew of snails and small hermits.

- 1 sm colony yellow polyps

- 2 sm colony xenia

- 1 sm green toadstood

- 1 sm green ricordea

- 1 sm orange cabbage coral


I was a little nervous about the shrimps co-habitating, but they established their own sides of the LR. Was thinking about getting a mate for my clown, but decided on a bi color blenny instead and he is SO much fun. 2 fish are my personal limit in this 12g tank, but the blenny seems to be a prolific pooper, so I will be monitoring water conditions very closely.


I just cannot imagine a better 4 main tankmates, each is active during the day and eager to greet me! Bliss!

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Yeah, great looking tank. I like the rock-work.


And yeah, what's going on with the images distorting lately?

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i dunno about the distortion, but you can view the pics full res from the link in my sig.


I researched long and hard on tankmates for this 12g, taking in consideration the aesthetic & functionality of each of the four main members.


Thanks for the kind words.

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