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Crazy Slug/Snail


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Scutus antipodes - Yes. Although I believe it's classified as a limpet.


It is a good guy and does eat algea. However, if you plan on having any Seriatopora or pocillapora, they will eat it. Not something you hear, but I've got two that are now banished to the sump. I'll be moving them somewhere else too, as they'll breed in aquaria.


There are only a couple places on the internet where you'll find this mentioned. I only found out after I got mine. Been wanting them for a while. They're really cool if you're going softies/lps, and I don't think they munch a lot of other sps like acros, etc.

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It's an apple. More specifically a Red Delicious. Much like a sea apple, they're not very reef safe long term as they die off and rot.

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