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Problems with Orange Sea-Star


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bought an Orange Sea Star about 1 1/2 weeks ago and the very next day he had a little miniscule chunk out of him. It looked as though something had bit him. As the day went on I noticed it getting bigger. I returned him to the dealer who informed me that sometimes they come shipped with a little microbe or something that burrows down into them and continues to do so, and for whatever reason, the sea star decides to just shut down. He glady replaced him for me. Although, the same thing began to happen on the new one to the point where there is a pin-sized hole in him now. The first sea star just went limp and looked dead right off the bat. The new one however hasnt missed a beat. Ive decided to wait it out to see what happens. He doesnt look like he's in very good shape although his behavior doesnt indicate that, and it looks as though whatever was eating at him has stopped. If anyone has any experience in this type of thing I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


A worried reefer

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How did you acclimate him?

I used the drip technique for about an hour


how big is your tank how good is your water how often do you feed it???

24-gallon nano. Ammonia-0 Nitrite-O Nitrate 15-20 Ph 8.3 Salinity 1.023

I dont feed the starfish specifically. I was led to believe that he will be okay feeding off my live rock, of which I have plenty

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