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how to ?


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how do you cure live rock and live sand do you do it inside the aquarium or should you do it before you add them to the aquarium ???

joey :0)

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hello joejoe123,

That really is personal preference. You can either cycle your tank & cure LR & Sand together in the tank or cure the LR & Sand in a seperate bucket etc. Its really personal preference..i got cured LR so i didnt do any real 'curing process' but i know many people who do it both ways. Either works so do what you feel is best :D

-Sophia G.

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Yup, depends who you ask. If I had to do it again, I would have done it out of the tank or not worried about aquascaping if done in the tank until after the cycle. I got my aquascaping set up just how I wanted it in my tank and started the cycle. I had tons of die off and nasty stuff hanging off the rock and it would have been a good option to give the rocks a quick scrub everyday. It was a real pain to pull them out carefully and try to rearrange them and not cause an avalanche. Additionally I wanted the rocks to rest on the bottom of the tank and not the sandbed so they didn't shift, so I couldn't really pull the rocks on the bottom out to clean them very well. I didn't run the lights anyway so it would have been much easier to do it in a rubbermaid container and transfer later.

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