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I have my 29 Bio Cube up and running and it has mostly cycled with 30 lbs of live rock. The PH is finally what it should be but I am having questions about the temp.


What should it be?


I have gotten such conflicting info on this. One lfs says 72 another said 74-76 and I have read a few posts on some boards that were saying thier nanos were at 82 or so for thier daytime (lights on) temp.


Any true direction on this would be great.


Also if anyone knows of an info source that would detail alll these fundamental things that would be great too since I am trying discerne all this from way too many sources.





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Most tanks are run around 80f. There was a poll taken a few months back. Here it is ------> Temperature poll


The important thing is temperature stability. You don't want wide swings. My tank runs from 79 to 81.


For lots of information, click on the "Information" link at the top of the page. If you ask a question, you'll get different answers. Take the ones you think will work for YOU. What works for one tank may not work for you. There are not too many hard and fast rules in this hobby. You'll see people trying all sorts of different things here. I have picked up loads of good information here at n-r. Don't be afraid to ask. :)

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Yeah, what he said. 72 has always seemed a bit low to me - with the exception of parts of Hawaii, most tropical reefs have temps around 78-82 most of the year, and your nano will be fine at the same temps.


Oh, and :welcome: to Nano-Reef.com, Rick!

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