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Tank age


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Given: Age of NC6 = 1 yr 5mos


(NC6 LR and LS, inverts and say 10% NC6 H2O)


(Empty Oceanic14g)


Does Age of Oceanic14g = 1 yr 5mos?


Just curious, as I intend to get a pair of false percs soon. Give my kid another year or so, then I will go topless on this cube, and put up a 150w MH (Viper) and add a BTA.


Should I wait to add the fish, or does the tank need some more time to settle in? Nothing was added to the tank other than a few pounds of AragaDead that I added to my established LS.

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you should be good to go. i would wait a few weeks just to be safe, but the fish should be fine even if you put them in tomorrow.


the only reasons i suggest waiting a few weeks are:

a) just in case you experience a mini-cycle. unikely, but anything is possible!

B) it will give you time to discover any issues (heatng, etc.) wth your new tank before you have to start worrying about fish in the tank

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