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Chemi-Pure and PURA Phoslock


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Yesterday I went by Fintastic, my LFS, and picked up some Chemi-Pure and some PURA Phoslock. The only filtration I was running on my tank was LR, LS, and a Remora protien skimmer. I get back from work to day (both have been in the tank since yesterday) and I the water is SOOO much clearer. I realy thought that my water was clear, but now it's really clear. I know OZONE would make it even clearer, but I'm not ready to invest in one.


I bought the PURA Phoslock because I don't have a Phosphate cartrage on my RO/DI Unit and I don't have a test kit for it. I have noticed a lack of algae on the sandbed. Hopefully the SPS will color up even more with less Phosphate in the water.



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I don't know about pura phoslock, but I too was one to say I wouldn't run anything but LR,LS,and chaeto in HOB fuge +water changes ; but my phosphates were out of control due to feedings(sun coral).

I bought phosban,and some chemipure;I haven't used the chemipure yet; but the phosban has reduced my phosphate levels from 1+ down to a trace in a couple of days.

I am running it in a media bag in the HOB fuge, so far I am very pleased with it, I will eventually use the chemi pure; because I have heard great things about it also. :D

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