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Vermetid Snails

formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

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formerly icyuodd/icyoud2

i have alot of vermetid snails in my aquarium.

until 5 min's ago ideemed them to be a usless,ugly and very messy.


turns out i was wrong, they still are ugly and messy, but certainly not useless.


i have 2 snails very close together on a huge gsp rock (approx 2-3" apart) the two are also in the dirrect current of my 301 powerhead (after it deflects off the glass and down into my aquarium)


the 2 snails constantly send out thier nets, to catch the food that blows by. the 2 nets always tangle, and the tug o war begins.


well i just got a new acan, and i know they require to be fed alot. i had what i think to be a brilliant idea, and so far its worked like a charm.


i placed the acan very close to the nets of the snails.


they catch the food and feed my acan for me.

talk about a match made in heaven!



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