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My NC12 .. Go ahead and laugh..


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LOVE the coraline. What kind of salt do you use, and are there any additives?


Howdy.. Yeah.. I don't mind the coraline on the back, but I am working on scraping it from the sides.


As for salt, I USED to use Red Sea Salt.. but became lazy and started buying filtered Ocean water from my LFS (Yay! California).


As for additives, none.. No Kalk, no Iodine, no liquid food for my new corals.. just lucky with the coraline :D


woooo lots of coralline, you need to start adding some corals! and lots, looks nice


Yeah, I know / think the same thing.. Sounds like it's an offer and not a suggestion to me.. Need my address?


JK.. I am planning on adding some Xenia and another frag of Zoo's. My green star polyps seems to be growing pretty quickly.. hopefully my Green / Blue Zoo's will do the same..


And :P For woooo lots of coraline..


Do you think with 48W's of Lighting the corals listed above will do fine? Oh yeah.. my levels are good also and have 0 nitrate and 0 nitrite.. Need to test salt level though..

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you can do plenty with stock lighting, any softies, and most lps, whats your w/c schedule?


Every Saturday 2 / 2.5 Gallon Water Change.


Light schedule (what I am working on is going to be.. SHORTLY)


2:15 pm - 3 pm (Actinic Only)

3 pm - 10 pm (Actinic + 10K)

10 pm - 10:45 (Actinic Only)


Right now all i have are 50 / 50's and don't have enough timers.. :(


My chamber setup is:


1st Chamber, Filter Floss / Stock Filter (Changed Weekly / Rinsed Weekly)

2nd Chamber Phosphate Remover, Chaeto, Carbon Bag

3rd Chamber Rio 900, 50w Heater


In tank I have the stock filter also (Going to be moving towards the back of the tank).

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Is that tank 4 years old?




I originally started with a FOWLR Aggressive tank.. and just newly started with reefs when my Ex took the other tank when we split up.

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so how old is it!


About the same age as the girl in your avatar.. jk..


About 7 months or so.. 3 months it was treated like a red headed stepchild because of personal issues, and I have just now been cleaning it up for the last 2 months :D

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keep us updated...looks like your tank is progressing nicely. Your clown is really dark!!..looks pretty cool.


I leave the light on too long, he's "TAN".


Thanks.. I am getting another rock w/ some Zoa's on it.. I just hope that I don't get an ammonia spike from the rock I add (it should be cured, it is coming from a mature tank).


The green star polyps are growing like crazyness..

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