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micro or acan?


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hey guys i'm not too sure if this is either an acan or micro. my lfs said micro but i'm leaning towards acan. what do you guys think? sorry if the shot if blurry.


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can you get a cleared picture and resize it so at it's longest point it is no longer than 600 pixels? or you could upload it to photobucket, use the link and it will resize it for you

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I believe you are wondering whether it's a Lordhowensis or a Micromussa. Micros actually are part of the Acanthastrea family. The corallite size of the micros when compared to most Lordhowensis is smaller. However, size doesn't always seem to be the deciding factor. Guys such as RandyO on RC have said that some of their Micros are as big as some of their Lords and vice-versa. Maybe a better shot with something next to it to compare size would help.

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yea sorry, i'm going to take a better picture and resize it. these are from japan, i don't know if that helps. i'm going to upload a better picture tonight. thanks again for you help! :)

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