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nano cube filtration


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I've read of some 12G nano tank users only keeping the carbon bag in the filtration system for about 5 days a month. Are there any reefers following this practice and is it recommended?


Anyone using any other filter media in mesh bags, such as SeaGel or Phosban?


much obliged...



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I'll list what I use in order of where they are placed....Oh, this is a 12 G nano aquapod....


1st chamber) In the overflow I have a Phos Pad (changed weekly)and the original pad that came with the Nano


2nd chamber) Live rock top to bottom


3rd chamber) Bio balls. Probably going to get rid of these at some point, but for now, they are doing fine.


4th chamber) Pump only


Tank is near perfect. Green algae is almost gone. I also have 3 types of macro algae (pretty stuff) growing in the main tank. I personally like the look of it and it helps keep nitrates down.



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