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aeration and dissolved oxygen


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I have a 12G nano reef tank and underway with setting up a 30G reef with a 20G fuge.


Are dissolved oxygen levels something that I should be checking in one or both setups? If so, what's the best means of testing?


The 12G nano cube is standard, although I'm replacing the original pump with a Maxi-Jet 900 tomorrow.


The 30G has a Whisper Jet 60 power filter and (soon) 20G refugium.


Is anyone running an air pump and bubble stone in their 12G nano tanks? I'm assuming one could be easily added to one of the back reservoirs. If so, how often do you run it.





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Air pumps have a funny way of messing with the ph of marine tanks. I would recommend just having plenty of water aeration at the surface and dissolved oxygen won't be something you need to regularly check.

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