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Aquapod 24


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ok, my eclipse six diy lights fell in the tank, so the women in my house said

" thats enough" so i had to but the aquapod 24 with 150watt mh. better for me, so heres my specs 1 false perc tank bred, 1 springer's dottyback, 1 sallylightfoot, 2 astrea snails, 1 mexican turbo snail, 1 turbo snail (turbo flutuosa) 4 Blue legg hermits, corals, 1 umbrella shroom, 1 goniopora, 1 rock of button polyps, 2 stalks of xenia, 2 feather dusters and 1 red reef star, fromia milleporia.


so i know i need more clean up any sugg? also can i add more fish? is any of my chocies so far bad? and i want to keep a T.Crocea any sugg. tahnks in advance!

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