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i just ordered the ICA for my AP24, a few others are seeing success of a few degrees. I figure for the price its worth a shot. Its $100 where a chiller is gonna be $300+...


well see.. ill keep yall posted. I think im going to fill tank with regular tap water this weekend and turn on lights and everything just to see my temps. Do that for a day or two, then use the ICA and see what happens....

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The ICA isnt that great it might lower your temps a degree or 2...Id go with the 1/15 or better yet a 1/10


Not true, with the proper ventalation and upgraded pwoer supply, I've seen UP TO an 8 degree temp drop in my AP12g with my ICA. Also they are not put together crappy by ANY means. The 1.0 was somewhat flawed yes and even Nanocustoms will admit that, but once they released the v2.0 model, it's much better built and more efficient. You seriously cannot beat it's bang for buck in an AP or NC tank. But in all honesty and reality the ideal chiller here would in fact be the Prime chiller. In my case I chose the ICA because it's more worthwhile to me, I didn't need THAT significant of a drop, and I couldn't justify spending $300+ to chill my $100 AP12, just didn't make sense. To me that's like modifying a $30k car with $60k in parts. Might as well buy a $90k car at that point. I'm not ready for a different/bigger tank yet, so the ICA was exactly what I needed. ;) If I had a MH setup, it would be well worth it however since that's a much bigger heat source. Chris at N/C did some bench testing of an ICA for me to iron out some isses I had when I ordered mine initially, but he tested it with the tank in an ambient temp of 102F and the tank maintained in the high 85F range. If that's not a good product (and a bit more than just 2 degree drop) then I dunno what is... =/


But the Prime is the best option (chill wise) though the ICA you ordered should work fine.

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