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I am looking to get another fish for my 55 gal. Right now all I have in it is a false perc, sailfin tang, bi-colored psudecromis, and an emerald crab. I like bigger fish like angels and but was also thinking about going with a bunch of green cromis or something. Maybe like 6 so they would all swim together.


Just looking for ideas. What would you guys get?? B)

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Now you have a goby,why not add another one?




A picture of goby tank on website.




The size of the tank looks just like yours.




If you like active fish, goby is not a good choice. You can try tang and damsel.

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Yeah, 55 is a little too small and the need super clean water. Not saying that my water isn't super clean, I just hear they are a pain. But when I set up my 250gal reef, I want a bunch of anthias!!

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HAWKFISH!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are super cool and have the best personality of all the fish in the world combined, and they are smart... if you want inverts they you can have a falco hawk (C. falco) that's what I have and he is SOOOOOOO cool!!!! great colors too.

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The pics on my sig are of my 12gal reef I just set up. Couldn't live without my corals. The tank I am looking to put fish in, is a 55gal.

It is totaly a fish only tank. I had some cleaner shrimp but my emerald crab ate them. :angry:


The tank set up is a 55gal Tank with 4" sand bed, 50lbs of LR, and 384watts of PCs retrofitted into the hood. Kind of overkill on the lights I know, but it used to be a reef, but I tore it down becuase I had to move. So when we moved into this place, my wife wanted to set it up as a fish only so she could have a clown fish, and I wanted a sailfin tang. So anyways, now we want more than just the three fish.


Here is a pic. *note* My wife planned the whole tank, and picked the decorations and live rock. This is her first tank to set up the way she wanted it. So don't flame me!!! :lol:





TODAY *But without the angel. It was the only thing that died when my AC crapped out. Tank hit 89 degrees. :o










Oh, and here is a pic of my dad's reef tank I help him set up. It' a 90gal Oceanic Corner Bowfront. It's one of the best tanks I've ever done. Just thought I'd throw it in. I don't get many chances to show it off. ;)



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Wow that 90g corner is a site!


Could you give us specs and more pics of the 90? Im planning on doing a similar setup only bigger maybe, like around 110g-ish.... so i would be interested with the equipment and livestock



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I'll take some more pics of my dads tank next weekend. That pic is almost a year old. The tank is completely full now and the GSP has taken over the entire back so you can't see any of the black back plastic.


I'll get more specs on it too. I know its the 90gal corner bowfront with a 3" sand bed with 140lbs of LR. It has a wet/dry filter converted into a sump full of macro with a AquaC Remora Pro skimmer. The lighting is two 10k and 2 acticnic Ice Cap VHOs with Ice Cap electronic ballasts. Im not sure of the wattage. And then two 36" 96watt actinic PCs, one in the front of the front and one in the back. All the lighting is retrofited into the hood which was a pain since the hood is plastic.


I'll get pics of the whole set up!

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I ended up getting a small porcupine puffer, and 6 3 lined damsels.


I like damsels for some stupid reason , and I missed my old porcupine. The damsels are cool. They all hang out together around the big fake staghorn. I'll try and get some pics later.


Thanks everybody.

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