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Skimmer vomit?


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I have a coralife protein skimmer. Not quite dry skim but close.


Anyone else's skimmer smell so ####### bad when you clean it out that it makes you vomit? Gag heavy?

I have taken to tying a towel around my face when I dump that thing.

I don't mean it smells really bad.

I'm talking uncontrollable gagging.


This is some serious nasty smell.

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Xytrix01: That's just plain nasty. Good luck with that!


I used to work on party fishing boats. When I was 14 and just started, I was the chum boy.

Maybe it's been too long, but my skimmer smells WORSE!

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I keep my skimmate in a Scope bottle and use it as mouthwash. Put it in my mouth, swish it around in my mouth a bit, let the little chunks get between my teeth, then spit it out. Fresh and clean. Sometimes I just swallow it.

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