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15g at 8 months +


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I'm starting to think about transfering everything in this tank into my 112 gallon that i've just started. I'm still not ready to give up this tank since its nicely established but perhaps in the future when I run out of money for corals in the new tank these will find there way there.


I just added my first 2 sps acro frags today. They are right at the top only a few inches away from my 24wx4 t5's so they should be fine. I've had a clam in for a couple months and other then moving to terrible locations its growing and doing well.















Tank is 24x12x12 15g sumpless with remora skimmer and 24w x 4 T5 lighting. I lost one Chromi who dissapeared and his body was never found but the 2 seem to be doing fine as a pair, they occasionally fight breifly but then hangout together.

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What kind of Chromis are those? I had seen them on liveaquaria.com and noticed that they recommend a tank of 30 gallons or more. Yours seem to be doing OK in 15 gal? I was looking at them for my 20H.

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Maybe a little cleaning of the side panes?

Its tough with everything so close to the glass although I should find a way to get to it.


They are green chromis I can't remember where from, but they are fine in a 15g, theres no other fish and when there was 3 they seemed fine. I still have no idea what happened to the other one.


A lot of fish just say 30g for whatever reason, look at some of the clownfish on live aquaria (excluding larger speices like tomatoe).

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Is the reflector a single, or is it individuals?


its just the one, but i'm happy with it, all my corals are growing well. If the sps don't thrive well then I won't add anymore and will move the 2 frags to my 112 gallon that has 250w mh's

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