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A Short Chemi-Clean Story

Ambiant Sound

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Ambiant Sound

Hey all,


I gave Chemi-Clean a whirl. My nano has been running for about 11 months now. I had a pretty heavy duty Cyano bloom around month 7. I tried the old stand-bys for fighting the problem. I have Chaeto in a fuge, decreased my photo period, really spread the flow around, minimized feedings, and a few other tricks I read about on these wonderful forums.

It seems the Chemi-Clean worked well. I followed the instructions to the letter. The only ill affect I noticed was focused on a Protula Magnifica feather duster. It really reacted negatively to the dosing. Its been about two weeks since I added the Chemi-Clean. I have been adding a bit of DT's Premium Reef to the tank and it finally has been restored to its former glory. Has anyone else noticed this affect on their feather dusters when dosing Chemi-Clean?


Thanks! :D

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